Digital Scrapbook Fun: Best Friends

We are very blessed to have found wonderful friends at our church! It is such a wonderful thing to have a church family. I did these two layouts from photos taken one evening last month, when we were enjoying dinner with the McDowells. Sarah and Sammi and Rachel and Jo, best friends forever…the photos say it all! Dawn got me started on the digital scrapbooking, and I am hooked. It’s so fun! These two layouts were made with free elements I downloaded off the internet…the one with Rachel and Jo (top) was made with “Blue Splash” by Wendy Page (get it here: and a template from Moriginals . The other layout uses “Origami” by Digi Scapouille and a template from Templates by Erica (you can download the kit from, template from Fun!


4 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbook Fun: Best Friends

  1. Mom2coy…Sorry I missed this question earlier! Yes, actually I think I made them as 8×8’s (can’t remember, these might be 12×12). Costco will print these out at 8×8 for a buck 40 and they look great! I use Photoshop Elements, which works great.

  2. cool, i think after i finish my first album ( i bought a kit and don’t want it to go to waste) i might move onto digital. yours are great!

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