Funny Photos

Just a quick post…I took these photos for a website I’m working on for the kids’ swim coach, who has become a member of our family. Crystal, we love you! She’s been teaching the kids for nearly 3 years now, and she’s like more like a close aunt to the kids than a coach!

I needed a photo of a child jumping into the pool, and have had a terrible time trying to get a good picture at the actual pool (too many kids, difficult lighting situations). So, one of these will get edited in Photoshop instead. I love these, because they are just so….RACHEL. She has such a funny look on her face and her favorite ladybug necklace is sort of floating mid air…I will probably work on this shot quite a bit and might re-do the whole thing before it goes on the site, but I just wanted to share these funny shots!


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