Camping Menu

Well, I finally worked out what to take camping. Here it is:

Friday night: Chicken Salad Sandwiches (on GF buns), fresh fruit, chilled steamed artichokes (that needed to be eaten or would have gone bad…cook them *before* we leave), chips.

Saturday: Breakfast: Hashbrowns, eggs, and little smokies. We’ll have gluten free donuts (Kinnikinnik) and regular donuts as well, and hubby will make camping lattes (yes, we own a camping espresso maker….don’t ask). Lunch: Hormel summer sausage, cheese (goat cheddar and smoked gouda), fruit, crackers (corn chips instead for me and Isaiah). Dinner: Bratwurst over the fire, baked beans (I’ll bake them beforehand and heat them up on the campstove for the potluck), and whatever we can eat from the potluck. I’m figuring on Isaiah and I eating the brats, beans, some corn chips and fruit and if there’s anything else we can eat it will just be a bonus. S’mores on the campfire will be dessert.

Sunday: Quick bowl of cereal served with rice milk and blueberries for breakfast, pack up camp and head home after service!


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