What did I just say?

Sometimes I can’t believe the weird things that I end up saying. Having kids does that to you! Today’s top 3 picks:

“Yes, I do believe that you want chocolate. However, chocolate is not actually one of the things required to continue living.” (to Sarah)

“No, being evil is not a genetically linked trait and cannot be passed on to your offspring.” (to Rachel, who was concerned about some kids she saw at the store. Their dad’s appearance and behaviour did, admittedly, raise some questions)

And, my all time favorite (for this week anyway):

“Since when did you become an expert in simian flatulence?” (to Isaiah).

These are pretty good, right up there with some of my own personal lifetime award winning weird things I never thought I’d say….such as:

“Stop licking the cat!”


“We do NOT put beetles in our mouths!” (both to Rachel. I believe she’s racked up more strange statements than the other two combined….it’s a gift).

Ah, I love having kids. Never a dull moment!!!


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