Turn It Up!

Not the music, although if you’re in the mood…go right ahead! And, just FYI, if you haven’t yet I highly suggest listening to Steele Croswhite’s song on the side bar to the right…here’s a shameless plug for the amazing music at The Rock Church! We are blessed to have Steele both heading up the music ministry and as one of our pastors, he and his wife make an amazing team musically and I expect that the Christian community will be hearing much more of them!

OK, shameless plug finished.

Anyway, Turn It Up! This is what I’m thinking….

This morning, very early, the kitten jumped up on our bed and ran up to my face, nuzzling her fuzzy little head under my chin and licking me (yes, she’s a bit confused…she’s convinced she’s part dog. Oh, well!). I snuggled her and stroked her soft, soft fur and thought….I LOVE this cat! Then it occurred to me to TURN IT UP, to turn the praise and joy for the created to The Creator…God! Who is responsible for creating kittens so soft and fuzzy. Thanks, God, for fuzzy kittens!

I think it changes you, changes the way you think, changes the way you see the world around you when you turn it up. That swell of love and wonder you get when you watch your child, her eyes alight with a new discovery? Feel it, give it to her, and then turn it up! The pride you feel when your kid tackles a difficult project and then completes it…all on his own? Embrace it, share it with him, and then turn it up! I have to remind myself often that our wonderful kids belong to God, that we have been entrusted with their growth and development and safety for a time, but that they are His creations. It is right to turn all the praise and glory up to Him!

It’s all too easy to lose focus and forget where the glory belongs. After all, we are surrounded by such amazing beauty, such glorious wonders, such sweetness….we could spend all our time worshipping the creation and forgetting to worship The Creator. But it’s so much more beautiful when we do! Because all of this, all these blessings…they are not an accident! The way the setting sun makes the flowers seem to glow, the sparks that glint off choppy lake water in the morning light, the silky-smooth feel of a baby’s cheek, the burst of love in your heart that is so deep it hurts, the brilliant spread of a sunset, the smell of jasmine, the way a soft breeze lifts your heart. All this, all these…are gifts planned for us, are carefully thought out packages of beauty that are designed to bring us–and God!–great joy.

And you and I? We’re part of that creation, too! God looked on all of this and thought….”It is good”. Who are we to argue? Everything around us points up, to His glory. How can we fail to know Him?

Isaiah 40:26
Lift your eyes and look to the heavens:
Who created all these?
He who brings out the starry host one by one,
and calls them each by name.
Because of his great power and mighty strength,
not one of them is missing.

Lord, help me remember today to stop and notice the beautiful things You have set before us, and to take good care of them. Help me to appreciate the creation, and then Turn Up the praise to The Creator!


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