Company Zoo Party

Hubby’s work had their summer party…at the Zoo! They reserved the whole zoo after hours and we got dinner, unlimited rides on the train and carousel, and time to wander around looking at all the animals in the cool evening (when both man and beast is in a better mood). We had a great time! I hope you’re not too sick of photos, because here are a bunch of them….Hamburgers….
No bun, of course….Hubby with dinner…nice hat! (Um, on both the boys)
I love the way this turned out. It was a happy accident, the exposure was too long but it gave the leopard that fluid, hunting feline look.The next 2 are of a different leopardGiraffe sneerThis is what they thought of our being there after hours!
Sarah on the Conservation Carousal

Rachel rode the wolfBears getting ready for a night’s restA little comic relief…Isaiah took this one!

2 thoughts on “Company Zoo Party

  1. *blush* Hubby got a nice digital camera, and it focuses for you! I love it. It’s also nice to be able to shoot a ton of pictures, then get rid of most of them. Thank you for the complement!

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