Sewing Project!

The girls in their new outfits

I have had such a great time sewing with my friend Dawn! She is an amazing woman, and also is such a great seamstress that she could easily go pro. Me…not so much. In the past, I’ve hurried though projects and cut corners, and if there was something in the instructions I didn’t understand…well, if I couldn’t figure it out I just skipped it. I’ve made some cute things before, but they tend to be really cute on the moving child but not so great if you looked close.

I’ve learned so much through doing these projects. So much of what you need to know in sewing applies to life…the little moments where you can choose to be very meticulous and measure carefully, cut perfectly, pin with exactness, and carefully press creases and seams with a hot iron…again and again. You have to do each step with care and put your whole attention into it, or you build on mistakes that multiply and then end up spending hours with a seam ripper, doing it all over. Hmmm, I think there is possibly a life lesson here that I could learn?

Here are the two outfits we made for our girls. The sleeveless tops are great for summer, but can go through fall (and maybe even winter?) with the shirts under them. I’m excited to have several outfit possibilities with these pieces! Also, I was really happy with how Sarah’s pants turned out. These are the first pants I’ve made with side pockets, and there are pin tucks in the front and on the back pockets. So fun! We used patterns from Ottobre magazine, the fun fabric prints (apples and pears on Rachel’s, Japanese dragons and pagodas on Sarah’s) are by Alexander Henry. Next up: layered twirly skirts for the youngest with a matching shirt, and coffee-colored pants with a shirt for the older girls. Yea! Now if I can just figure out how to fit in sewing dates, now that we’re starting school….What’cha doing tonight, Dawn? ;o)

Sarah’s outfit…the cat is attacking an invisible mouse in the background…Back pockets and side pocketsPin tucks! Not as hard as they look.
The whole set.Rachel posing with the cat toy. One sleeve isn’t done yet…oops!Detail of the 3/4 sleeve shirtDetail of the over shirt and pantsThe whole set.

6 thoughts on “Sewing Project!

  1. Seriously! You made these. I love them. I am amazed that you found time to do this between, homeschooling, housework, cooking, and just the normal activities that 3 kids require. I am IMPRESSED!!!

  2. You did such an awesome Job on these Erica! I love how they look and I will be sure to bring the pink sleeve band for ya 😉 I think I may be able to sew tonight. Today was the first day of school (almost done now) Call me.

  3. Yea! Thanks, guys…MollyBeth, I totally didn’t have time to sew much when the kids were little like your little sweetie! I couldn’t even imagine sewing during the day until Rachel was out of diapers, and generally when they were little by the time the kids went to sleep I was ready for bed, too! It’s easier now (yeah, it *does* get easier!) Plus, school is just starting for us this week. Plus, my house is nowhere *near* as clean as yours! Especially on days when I sew. Sigh. You’re so sweet!Hey, Dawn…I’ll give you a call! I totally couldn’t have sewn any of these things w/out you. You’re amazing!Don’t know what the “deleted” posts are, I didn’t even see them? Oh, well.

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