A Penny Saved is a Penny….Making its Way Through Her Digestive Tract?!?

Just when you thought it was safe to put away the child proof locks….

I guess it was inevitable, but I really thought we were over that stage! Rachel swallowed a penny this morning. With Rachel at the ripe old age of five, I was rather naively thinking that we would no longer have to worry about any of our children ingesting objects not meant for human consumption. Apparently I was wrong.

Oh, and by the way…the scab on her nose is a burn. Ask her how she did it and she will tell you…

“I learned the hard way why you don’t sniff what’s cooking on the stove!”

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not meaning to complain. I love Rachel’s spirit, I love her zest for life, I love the fact that she lives every moment sucking the marrow out of every experience she has. However. I draw the line at sucking down currency! This child seems to explore the world with her mouth nearly as much as she does with her hands! To date we have logged:

~One trip to ER and one night’s stay at the Children’s Hospital due to ingested medication at Grammy’s house.

~Numerous calls to Poison Control, none of which (besides the medication incident) involved any need for action, but all of which involved the guy on the other end of the line snickering.

~One occasion when she was two, caught eating earth out of the garden with a teaspoon.

~One occasion when I asked her what was in her mouth, and she opened it…and a BEETLE crawled out!

~The forced removal of (including, but not limited to): Rocks, rubber bands, paper, money, beads, aluminum foil, small toys, medium toys, cat food, dog food, game pieces, crayons, swamp water she was licking up like the dog….the list goes on.

~Repeated pleas for said child to stop licking (including, but not limited to): My leg, my sweater, her brother’s face, the cat, the dog, the counter at the ice cream shop, the handle of the shopping cart, rocks, shoes, books…..

You get the picture. I guess I had it coming to me, my nephew once opened his mouth to reveal 34 cents in change, the largest denomination of which was a nickle. I wondered what kind of kid would walk around with 34 cents in his mouth. Now, I’ve got one with a belly full!

Apparently, it’s now a game of watch and wait. More than likely, nothing more will come of this…and I think it’s fairly likely that she won’t do it again. Hopefully this experience will knock some sense into her about what she puts in her mouth, without causing her any undo suffering.

I’m trying to look on the bright side here….I will say that this child has one heck of an amazing immune system. She rarely gets sick, and when she does she’s over it much faster than most kids seem to be. I’m thinking perhaps God designed us to take on a little more dirt and germs (maybe even beetles? Locusts are Kosher by Levitical law, I believe…) than the average person does nowadays. Also, she’s not a picky eater and, as you can imagine, she’s not squeamish about much.

On the other hand, I’d sure like not to be on a first name basis with Poison Control. They assured me, last time I called, that they don’t keep a running list of our calls. I bet, though, that they do laugh awfully hard when I hang up!


2 thoughts on “A Penny Saved is a Penny….Making its Way Through Her Digestive Tract?!?

  1. wow, i ate several pennies when i was a kid. i remember one time, i was supposed to be taking a nap at my grandma’s, and i found a penny on the floor. for some reason, i liked sucking on them, but i started choking on this one, and thought i was gonna die! good luck :)(this is sweetfudge from the GF forums, by the way)

  2. Hi, Sweetfudge! Thanks for the story, it’s good to know that it all turned out fine! It’s hard not to worry. I don’t remember doing the penny thing as a kid, but I did require a trip to ER once to remove a sunflower seed from my nose!

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