Incidents and Accidents

School is underway! The kids are doing well, I have high hopes that this year will be an easier year than last. We are working on being self-sufficient in school work, and although there is still a long way to go in that department things are getting better every day. Yesterday was one of those days, though, when odd little things seemed to be happening right and left.

First of all, the cat has developed a voracious appetite for books! No, she doesn’t read them. She eats them.Mmmmm, tasty! And high in fiber, too.

She ate straight through 8 pages. I have no idea how she did that! Ever try to teach a five year old to cut a hole in the center of a paper with scissors? Now imagine doing that with your teeth… that’s one talented cat we have. Luckily she ate pages that Sarah had already read, so at least it won’t cause problems for school. However, we’ll be having to purchase a replacement book for next year. Had we not actually caught her in the act…we would certainly have blamed the dog. We’ve been finding chewed up books in our library lately, and poor old Madison has been falsely accused!

Second, Sarah was racing around the house after dinner and smacked her head firmly against a corner where two walls meet. This was the biggest goose egg I’ve ever seen! It’s more like an ostrich egg. Ouch! Look out for that wall….

I tucked everyone in bed (hubby was at band practice), and worried about Sarah’s head. Was it bad enough to be concerned about concussion? Should I have kept her awake instead of putting her in bed? Should I be waking her up periodically to make sure she didn’t slip into too deep a sleep, never to awaken? I admit, I did wake her up a few times to make sure.

I needn’t have worried, though, because at 2:00 a.m. Rachel came downstairs, having wet the bed. This hasn’t happened for a very long time, so it was a strange throwback from the past to be hiking up stairs in the wee hours of the morn, toting Lysol and towels and fresh sheets. After cleaning her up, I put her in bed with Sarah to finish what was left of the night. Where neither of them actually slept.

So, no concussion and no drifting off into a deep sleep…for any of us! Today, we’re nearly done with school already and I’m going to call nap time after the last page is put away. Either that, or can peach jam. Probably the latter. At any rate, it was a strange day!


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