Gratitude Journal….100 Celebration!

Last week, I posted number 100 on my gratitude journal! I wanted to pause for a moment and think about some of the ways that keeping a gratitude journal has changed me. Because, at the root…that’s what has happened! One-tenth of the way through, and already there has been a fundamental shift in the way I see things, the way I perceive my life. It’s really something more than just words on a page, a few pictures….it changes you, this counting of blessings!

101. I notice the little bursts of beauty in nature more, the intricate nature of tiny flowers, the pained beauty of individual leaves.

102. I remember to stop and look up, look around, take it all in…much more often than I used to.

103. I find myself looking at people’s faces more, noticing the beauty there.

104. I remind myself more often to look for blessings, in all situations. What a difference that can make when you’re having a bad day!

105. I feel more content than I have ever felt before. Really, it’s that big!

106. I have remembered more often to help the children see these daily blessings, too.

107. I have learned so much more about how to use my camera, and capture the little bits of wonder as they drift by.

108. I have remembered to stop and thank God daily, many times a day, for the blessings in my life.

109. This, in turn, has helped me see even more blessings to thank Him for!

110. I have noticed that my attitude, in general, is becoming much more positive. It’s easier to look at the bright side of things than it used to be!

I know that there are many, many more ways that this gratitude journal has added to my life…I’ll be thinking about them for the post for number TWO hundred! In the meantime, won’t you join me in recording these 1000 gifts? Go to Ann Voskamp’s beautiful blog, A Holy Experience, and check out the growing Gratitude Community. You can keep your list on paper in the privacy of your home, or post it on your blog and share the gifts….but I promise you, either way it will change you and make you grow in ways you didn’t know possible!


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