Sewing Project! Skirt and Sherpa Shirt

Skirt and Shirt together
I finally finished the skirt that I started (a month ago?) for Rachel. This was another Ottobre pattern that Dawn altered, it origionally had a side zipper, but she figured out how to do it with a comfy elastic waistband instead! I have material for a really fun short sleeved shirt that matches it, but in order to make the shirt I’ll require a lot of help from my friend Dawn….I had some left over sherpa fabric and an old patten for a shirt, so I messed with the pattern a bit and came up with this warm and fuzzy top. I’m thinking of making some leggings to go under the skirt, so that the set will have several mix and match options and will carry from fall to summer!

Skirt…I left the edge of the underskirt raw on purpose and frayed it a bit..we’ll see how it washes up!

The top…it was kind of thrown together, but I like how it turned out! 2 sizes too big, but I guess that makes it more cuddly.


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