This Week’s Gluten Free Menu (sort of)

Monday: My mom is in town, we’ll be picking her up at the airport at noon. I will have an apple tart waiting (well, let’s hope I manage to get that done in time) and then for dinner we’ll have crock pot Cajun Beans and Rice (Thursday’s meal in the menu in the link to the left). I’ll have a green salad to go with it.

Tuesday: Frankly, I have no idea! My guess is, we’ll eat out because we’ll be running around at museums and such.

Wednesday: See Tuesday’s entry.

Thursday: Baked chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli. Something nice and predictable…I don’t do so well with uncertainty!

Friday: Amy’s frozen pizza (the gluten-eaters will get some other brand of frozen pizza). I’m figuring that by Friday, I will need a break!

Saturday: Grilled steak salad. We’ll fire up the grill while we still can and grill a few steaks rubbed in garlic powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil (and when I say steak I mean some cuts of meat that resemble a steak…nothing fancy here). Then serve them thinly sliced on a bed of greens, red onion, cucumber, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, radishes and blue cheese for those who can have it. Serve with blue cheese dressing (Lighthouse is GF!) or vinegar and oil.

Sunday: Pasta with Chicken, Peas and Pesto. The last of the basil from the garden, with olive oil and pine nuts. Put it through the food processor, and toss with gluten free pasta, peas, and thinly sliced grilled chicken. Serve with a salad and some gluten free garlic toast.



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Gluten Free Menu (sort of)

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog (I wasn’t sure where to post where you’d see my reply, so I came over to your blog to reply). :)My DD is gluten-free for behavior reasons and it has made an immense difference in her behavior and general outlook on life (although I think I’ll always have a glass-half-empty kid…but at least she’s not so angry all the time.You’re right, the first year of going gluten-free is tough, but we’ve just gotten to the 1 year mark and I’m quite proud of myself for all the recipes I’ve modified. Our family hasn’t gotten TOO bored with the meals I’ve prepared.I’m not the best at blogging, but I only hope that I can share some recipes we’ve used and ones that I’ve found that sound delicious and easy to convert to gluten-free. I’m not a great baker, so I tend to go with recipes that others have come up with, or I go with the boxed mixes for cookies…or I just buy pre-made stuff from the store. :)I got thrown into gluten-free a month before Thanksgiving last year and that was an adventure, but we did AWESOME! I was so proud of myself. AND, I made sure that I wrote down all the recipes I used and how I made things. I probably should make sure I have all those recipes posted pretty soon on my site.Thanks for the post! I appreciate it! It’s so nice to have someone else who can relate to what we’re going through. And yes, I agree, it’s helped us for the better to be eating more healthy. My husband has lost quite a bit of weight with eating fewer carbs. :)Come visit my page anytime! 🙂

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