Our School House (photo essay)

This is maybe not the most exciting post ever…but here’s our “School House”. Where Homeschool happens–at least, the indoor/at our house part of it. A whole lot also happens out in the yard, at the park, on walks around the neighborhood, hikes in the mountains, in co-op classes, at the homes of our friends, at church, at museums, the grocery store, field trips, the zoo, in the car….well, you homeschoolers know what I mean!

My disgracefully messy desk. Where I blog, keep track of the kids’ work, and where we look things up (all day long) when we have questions. Yea, google! Now you know what a disaster area my desk is…the camera is brutally honest!

Kid books to choose from: Favorites right now are “I, Freddy”, “Bunnicula“, and “Where the Red Fern Grows”.

Rachel’s books….except the Algebra class is not hers.

Basket of needful things, along with a laminated map (the other side is a world map). Everything from crayons to a graphing calculator, plus plenty of pencils (although none of these items is ever in the basket when we need them. How does that work?)

Sarah’s books on the top, Isaiah’s on the bottom. We share the Zondervan Handbook to the Bible, and Webster’s dictionary. The kitty 3 ring binder is new this year, and much loved.

The library table, where the kids do a good deal of their work. There are occasional fights over who gets the big blue chair. My rule is, the first person to be on task and sit down with their work wins! So far this year, Sarah usually is working in the big blue chair. Also, the library table must always be clean by 5:00 each evening, because Daddy studies for his “work test” there at night. The laptop is used mainly by Daddy, although Isaiah uses it to watch his Video Text Algebra.

Mommy books…on homeschool, education, photography, etc. Dad’s study materials…with lots of little tabs…are on top of it all.

Bibles, devotionals, commentaries….if you look closely, you’ll see a book titled ‘How to get your cat to do what you want” on the right side, just under Tigger’s rear end. Just to let you know, it doesn’t work….unless beating the cat with the book counts, but I haven’t tried that yet!

“Reference” section…a bunch of second hand encyclopedias and old magazines. Plus Sarah’s clay horse that she made in the middle shelf.

Kid reference books…science, social studies, geography etc. Plus, one big furry distraction guarding them. By the way, the dog has started to select choice bits of literature from these shelves, leisurely browsing to her heart’s content…and then eat them. Seriously. Both our animals are BOOK EATERS!

Kitchen table: AKA science lab and art studio. We only have one acid burn on this table (my favorite table in the universe…I’ll blog about it one day!) but I think we can sand it out…after the kids go to college.

Where the kids like to read their literature assignments and history books.

In the winter, we sometimes read and do our work in front of the fire (the book is “Where the Red Fern Grows”….Sarah sobbed and sobbed when Hubby read this aloud to the kids last month, swearing she’d never ever read another book about animals again. She was mad at Hubby for reading them that book for days…then she picked it up a week later and is reading it voraciously on her own…I’ve never seen her so engrossed in a book!)

Where a lot of work also gets done. If the blue chair is full, the ‘loser’ often ends up doing their work here on the library floor rather than being reduced to sitting in a regular chair.

Well…that’s it! The grand tour of where most of the work gets done, when we’re in the house! And now you all know how messy my desk is, and how much debris is on my carpets. Oh, well!


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