Gratitude Journal…Everyday Beautiful

I’ve been thinking about Everyday Beautiful lately. How if you look, those little blessings…the amazing beauty and complexity of life…shine through. How they glow, lit from within and touched by the Creator’s hand. Once you notice the way these little, every-day objects are painted with such fine color…how the light wraps itself around a thing and gives it life, how waiting even in objects that are base and utilitarian in use there is a subtle and worn beauty…you can’t help but see the world in a new and better way. It’s hard to take things for granted when you remember to see how wonderfully put together, how amazingly formed, how beautiful they really are. And then you have to think…how great is God, the God of all beauty…that He can make even the simplest things be so breathtaking, so achingly beautiful! He has beauty in such limitless abundance that He can afford to lavish it on even the simplest details.

I have a few favorites to share with you, posts from fellow bloggers who are taking the time to record, to share, to appreciate and love this Everyday Beauty. Can I share them with you? Rebekah at Beautiful Days makes a cookie recipe a thing of art (those sunny-yellow eggs make me smile!). L.L. Barkat, author of Stone Crossings, posted about the history of an old wood table and asked her readers to share a story about theirs…which made me remember to appreciate the handmade oak table where we break our bread. Ann Voskamp writes her thoughts on letting the Grace of God shine through the Everyday Beautiful moments in “What will be magnified”. My good friend Dawn captures the wonder of the morning of Winter’s first snow with a poem, some beautiful pictures and a soul-warming breakfast.

Will you share your Everyday Beautiful? Thoughts or pictures, poetry…any way that moves you. If you do, let me know so I can link to your post. These little Graces warm my heart!

More Gratitude…..

142. Helicopter seeds on the tree, backlit with glowing morning light
143. The whole tree, seeds glittering and sparkling in the breeze like gold coins

144. The kitty, still with us….reminding us to count every day as grace

145. Flashing silver fish that play tag among the plastic plants146. Guppies…so small and simple and yet so colorful and beautiful (Caruso’s replacement’s replacement…it’s been a bad month for fish)147. A surprise…a child’s gift of purple weed-flowers, gone to seed right in the kitchen vase!148. White-gold-green tiny pumpkin, table decoration turned Rachel’s “Mr. Pumpkin” friend149. Orange veins etched on pumpkin’s surface…150. Red-orange-yellow, sparkling, sweet…peppers prepared for dinner151. Gold-brown hair, twisted ropes of glowing silk152. Brown-copper-gold wisps escaping on an Autumn park day

Thank you, God of Beauty….for the indescribable Everyday Beautiful! Your gifts abound…..


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal…Everyday Beautiful

  1. What beautiful photos! The helicopter seeds bring back fun memories for me. My grandparents had them everywhere in their yard, and when my brothers and I were kids we’d throw them up in the air and watch them come down. Thanks for triggering that good memory! Thank you also for the link. I love the Beautiful Everyday of life!

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