Do you know Him?

I love this video clip. I love the words, the passion, the love and hope and grace that pours out of every syllable S.M. Lockridge pronounces. I love the simplicity of the message, how he uses just a few choice words to describe Jesus. Bible words, words woven throughout scripture to describe that which eludes description.

How do you describe the indescribable? How can you truly capture something so astronomically enormous, so un-graspable with mere words? It’s like trying to paint a roll of thunder, or smell a rainbow, or describe a sunset on the keyboard of a piano.

The words provide a hint, a suggestion, the edge of the very corner of the tip of the iceberg…these powerful words that bring tears to my eyes and send shivers down my spine and quiet my soul, that light a little fire inside and make my heart swell…they only begin to describe that which is so glorious we cannot hope to hold it in these vessels of clay. It’s the promise of how much more there is to the picture, how one day I will see my King and the glory won’t stop, I won’t have to turn away, I won’t be filled past the limit and I won’t be consumed! How some day the full capacity of the LOVE of our Creator will be made evident and will surround me and will never, ever end…one day I will be full with His love beyond anything I can now even start to hope for.


That’s my King! Do you know Him?

Grab a cup of something warm and take a minute to listen….even if you’ve heard it before, I promise you’ll be uplifted. (You’ll have to pause Steel Croswhite’s music in the sidebar to the right…Sorry about that!)


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