Godzilla Cam

A little comic relief…
In keeping with the crisp Fall weather, Godzilla is wearing an Irish Cable knit Sweater. He is eating a large beetle that the kids found on a recent hike. Bon Appetite!

This large plastic Godzilla lives on top of our grandfather clock. Lest the environment in our living room get too serious, Godzilla’s toothy grin always presides high up in the corner of the room.

Hubby started a tradition many years ago, when Middle Child was just a baby. One day, with no warning or fanfare whatsoever, Godzilla was suddenly wearing a disposable diaper and chewing on a pink baby pacifier.

Since then, Godzilla has quietly changed outfits and poses periodically throughout the year. Hubby makes the changes when nobody’s watching and then waits for the rest of us to notice.

So here’s the first Godzilla Cam post…I’ll post photos of Godzilla as his outfits are updated. I love Hubby’s sense of humor!


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