Poetry Friday…Waiting Sky

Waiting Sky

The sky holds its breath
laden, heavy, waiting
stone-gray and low hanging
clouds of promise
draped above us

watercolor wash
in blue-gray-black
with black-ink trees
etching their bare limbs
against the promise of snow

They wait,
noses pressed to window
studying fat drops of rain
willing with their hearts
water into snow

A Random Act of Poetry…find more Friday poetry at The High Calling Blogs, Love Notes to Yahweh, a Holy Experience


5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday…Waiting Sky

  1. Thank you, L.L….I am actually not loving this poem today, it was a scheduled post from last week (the one day in the last several weeks that even hinted at snow!) and it falls flat…especially today, as the sky is blue with no sign of even a cloud. Sigh. I’m adding links here to other, more satisfying poetry so that it’s not a complete wash LOL ;o)

  2. Forgot to add, though…thank you for your kind words! They much improved my mood today, which is running right alongside the drippy, rainy nature of the poem.

  3. It doesn’t fall flat for me. I think it has some really nice moments. Like this:watercolor washin blue-gray-blackwith black-ink treesAnd this:willing with their heartswater into snowThanks for participating!

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