A little teaser…

My friend Robert Hruzek over at Middle Zone Musings has come up with a great idea…so great, in fact, that I’m keeping it a secret for a little while. Robert does a monthly group writing project called “What I Learned From….”, where bloggers weigh in with a different theme each month like: What I learned from….travel, odd jobs, people, work, transportation, stress (and many more). The responses are always varied, interesting, thought provoking and frequently include at least a few hilarious posts that keep me laughing all day long. Check out some of the entries over at his site, you’ll find a lot of great writing there and some ideas that will give you food for thought. This upcoming project isn’t exactly the same as the classic “What I Learned From” project, though…it’s much bigger in scope and it’s going to be a lot of fun!

There, are you teased yet? Sorry to do that to you, I guess we all need a little suspense in our lives, right?!?


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