Prepare the Way…

What happened, that night…those many years ago?

Here, in a moment’s time. Heaven cleaves, yet loses nothing. He Who Is becomes one of us, takes up the burden of some seven pound of infant flesh. Yahweh, the Creator of all, He who made the heavens and the earth…El Shaddai, God himself.

He takes a breath.

How could this be? Oh, Abba…you came down for us. You gathered up all You are, and folded it into this child–this tiny baby. Did all of Heaven hold its breath, knowing what You were taking up that day? Did you weep, Father, to know the fullness of this plan and yet still let it go, still take up this burden and come to us?

How the earth must have trembled as He drew His first breath.

He opens his eyes for the first time. How did it look? Oh, the narrow vision that first moment must have revealed. So darkly we see here, shadows in the mirror-image of what He could see so clearly from the vantage point of Creator. Such a small window to look out, so hazy when compared to the light of perfection above. How the smallness must have weighed at times, bore down on His shoulders like the weight of the world.

The weight of the world, shouldered on this newborn babe.

All that He is, made human…like trying to contain the greatest ocean in a thimble. And yet, in Him, all things are possible. His Ocean, in the thimble of a human child.

His plan, made complete. His plan, and as Mary and Joseph touched His tiny face, wondered at His perfect fingers…could they have known what changes this baby would bring? Could they have known the significance of every moment of His time here on earth? The greatness, the majesty, the power, the grace, the glory. He humbled Himself and was born a poor and simple baby among us, poured his Glory into a human mold, took up our pain and burdens and sin and sorrow. Knew laughter and tears and the helplessness that is mankind.

What happened that night? I cannot even begin to comprehend…it’s like being a thimble in the greatest ocean. And yet, in Him all things are possible. My thimble, in His Ocean…known and loved so completely that He is willing to sacrifice it all, for me. Willing to come.

Oh, Jesus! Little baby there in Mary’s arms…fill us with your Light tonight and always. Gather us to you, ’round the manger, under brightest star.


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