A Year in Photos…365 Project

The 365 Project…
A year of our life, in photos. One photo per day for one year! I saw this on Linda’s Second Cup of Coffee, there are quite a few bloggers giving it a try this year. I debated on this one, because it’s a pretty big commitment. But last night I learned that my friend Dawn had decided to do it…so now that I have some IRL peer pressure to help me follow through I think I can handle it ;o)

Here are the instructions, if you want to join…Sara at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord is hosting this one, so if you sign up let her know!

1. Grab the code on my sidebar and put it on your own sidebar (Note: That’s the sidebar at the Make Music blog…for now, I’m not sure how to make it work on my sidebar so it’s just a photo)

2. Sunday will be 365 day. So, on Sundays, post your pictures from the week. You can post them as a slide show or individually with a description for each. The original post said to post your picture every day, but I didn’t think I would be able to follow through with that….hence Sundays!
3. Leave me a comment so I know you have posted and can visit to see your pics!!!
4. Don’t let this become a chore!! This should be fun! If you miss some days……it’s okay!!!
Let’s start this Sunday 1/4. It won’t be a full week, but that might be a good way to start!!! For more info on this project visit this site.

So…tomorrow I’ll have the first week up. I may decide to post my photos on a day other than Sunday, or more likely I’ll write the post on Saturday and schedule it to post Sunday.


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