Project 356, week one…

Week One! There are only three photos in this week, since the first day was Thursday and I’m going to post pictures weekly from Sunday to Saturday…but it’s a good start!

January 1: This is one of Sarah’s Christmas gifts. She got to go to the fabric store and pick out a pattern and some fabric. We are working together on sewing a shirt and some pants! She is very excited about this project, she has a little sewing machine and she’s so eager to use it!

January 2: Sleepover! This was taken at around 11:00 at night, and the girls were up for another two hours after that. Dawn and I sewed all these little matching doll pajamas and child-sized pajama pants as Christmas gifts for the girls. I’ll be posting something about our Christmas soon…Dawn did a 100% handmade Christmas this year, and about half of our family’s Christmas was handmade.
January 3: The Breakfast After. Seven children total slept over, without one fight or injury! The eighth child arrived just in time for breakfast. The kids staggered out of bed anywhere from 8:00 to 10:00, and breakfast didn’t happen until 11:00. Waffles, hash browns, and scrambled eggs with bananas and whipped cream on the side, plus orange juice and hot chocolate. When Dawn and Dwight came to pick up the kids, we all ended up playing card games and hanging out most of the day. It’s amazing how well they all play together!


6 thoughts on “Project 356, week one…

  1. And much fun was had by all of them! I am glad you are doing the 365 project! I will get a post up about mine in a bit. Thank you for having all my rugrats over!

  2. What great pictures! The little girls with the dollies is especially precious. I think Project 365 is such a great idea and I’m so excited to be participating.

  3. So I am pretty amazed at the jammies. How cute they all look. Man, I wish I had the energy of a child! This is a great idea, I’ll see how this week goes and imay try to do it. We shall see.

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