Blogapalooza…Best of 2008

Here is my “Best of 2008” post from Blogapalooza over at Middle Zone Musings. Head over and check it out, it’s a great way to get to know some new bloggers! There are 82 ‘best of’ posts so far, I’m bookmarking the link so I can go back and read the posts at my leasure. Fun!

May: Swimming Lessons. My kids were learning how to swim…I was learning how to let go.

I wrote this nearly 3 years ago, so I guess technically it’s not part of the 2008 posts. However, I took a 2 year break in blogging (after fooling around with a few posts and then giving up) and then returned in May of 2008, so I chose my favorite from the few posts available…hopefully that’s not cheating?

June: A Good Forgetter. What God forgets…is forgotten. Period. Exclamation point!

I have to add, however, that this selection is MY favorite. The “People’s Choice” for the month of June…and, indeed, the single most visited post in my blog is….drum roll please….”How to make a dog throw up”. It keeps me humble….all these soul-searching posts and people flock to my blog to read about–making their dog vomit! I’ll spare you the details of the post (suffice to say, the need arose) and cut right to the chase…2 tbs. of hydrogen peroxide per 60 pound dog, wait 15 minutes and if it doesn’t work try again. Works like a charm!

July: Reaching Up. How easy it is to put our effort into the wrong things, to spend so much time and put so much heart into trying to build a bridge between man and God that we forget the point. That we, as humans, can never bridge the gap. That Christ did it for us. That we can put away our hammers, our ladders, our never-ending scaffolding and just walk across!

August: Through the Lens. I wrote this because I was feeling like the people reading my blog were not getting a complete view of my life, and I wanted people to know that my life isn’t just what they see when they read my words and look at the photos I choose to share. My life is by no means perfect, my parenting is not nearly what I’d like it to be, my patience wears thin like anyone else’s. We all see life through a lens…blogging focuses that lens even closer in on the things the author chooses to share. You see the soft morning light glowing on my daughter’s face, the close-up shot I chose to share eliminated the frizzy halo of curly bed-head that surrounded her angelic little smile. We can change our whole lives through the lenses we look through…we can focus on the pain and brokenness of the fallen world around us, or we can choose to see God’s beauty, love, and grace in all creation.

September: The Manna Jar. I like this post because it’s different…I wrote it from the point of view of an Israelite in the days of Moses. Hubby was reading over my shoulder and said “Hey! We never lived in the desert in a goat-hide tent!” True enough, but it was somehow easy for me to picture myself living in that desert so many years ago, gathering manna for my family’s daily sustenance. God provides, and His provision is all we need.

October: Bittersweet. There were two posts about the ups and downs of life in this month’s collection, I chose this one because I love the photos that go along with it. A surprise rainstorm interrupts a sunny day of mountain hiking, and reminds me that God created the ups and downs of life, and that He saw this variety of emotion…the joy and the pain…as good. David is such an amazing example of life’s highs and lows, the Psalms are filled with both extreme proclamations of joy and heartrending lamentations of grief and sorrow. Together they weave a tapestry too large and intricate for us to take in this side of heaven.

November: Thanksgiving. An account of welcoming my youngest child, and the Thanksgiving spent in the hospital after her birth just quietly soaking in the blessings and being…thankful.

December: Prepare the Way. The first in a series of advent posts. “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD ; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.”

Isaiah’s declaration rings true today: Prepare the way for the Lord, make a highway straight to your heart, build a path for Him so others can welcome Him in as well.


2 thoughts on “Blogapalooza…Best of 2008

  1. It would be difficult for me to chose my favorites…I love SO MANY of your posts! “A Good Forgetter”, “Bittersweet” and “Thanksgiving” are definitely among the top contenders!I have to say that I’ve never read “How to make a dog throw up”! 🙂

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