Project 365, week 2

Project 365…week two

Sunday, January 4th…..strip-y tights under Rachel’s new purple dress. Frothy loads of lace and frills, with matching hat! The tights didn’t exactly match, but hey…she got the whole outfit on all by herself. A six-year-old’s delight.
Monday, January 5th…Our weekly schedule. If you haven’t seen much of us lately, this is why! But it’s all fun. Too bad there’s not just a few more hours in the day! The bit in red is Sarah’s contribution to the weekly plan.

Tuesday, January 6th…Rachel took this picture! I love it, the framing is marvelous. We were doing a homeschool writing project. The assignment was:”Write directions on how to peel an orange”. As they read their work aloud, I went through the steps they’d written exactly as they had written them. It took four tries to get the orange out of the fridge! This was taken during the instruction “insert your thumb into the orange, and rotate” (which consequently got re-written). We did eventually get the orange peeled, and we had a lot of fun in the process!

Wednesday, January 7th…our warm, fluffy bed. I love this comforter! it was calling to me all week long, every day at around 2:00 as I longed to take a nap. Getting back into the school/work schedule was not easy, but we made it through the week!

Thursday, January 8th…Family Game Night. Thursday and Sunday were the only two nights this week that we didn’t have meetings, small group, band practice or company for dinner. So we played RummyKube together by the fire, with hot chocolate (plenty of marshmallows). The dog’s nose can be seen peeking in at the left…she always joins us when we play on the floor. Friday, January 9th…We had a great time with our friends, and when they went home Hubby played his bass for quiet awhile. The band is down by one guitar for the next little while, so he’s working hard to come up with some new bass lines to fill in. I love watching and listening to him play, and the kids love falling asleep to the sound of the bass downstairs.

Saturday, January 10…Another fun night with friends. Earlier in the day, we discovered that this old guitar that hubby picked up at a garage sale for $5.00 nearly 15 years ago is somewhat of a collector’s item! Over the years, this instrument has been the one to get tossed in the back of the car on top of the sleeping bags and cooler for camping trips, or slung on someone’s back and hiked up a mountain trail. Making the discovery that it was once a pretty decent guitar gave us a new outlook, and hubby re-strung it and raised the action a bit. It actually sounds pretty decent now! It’s amazing how we took for granted that this was a cheap and disposable instrument because it cost us very little. Kind of make a person think…what else in our lives are we treating that way?


6 thoughts on “Project 365, week 2

  1. Well, I just got my pictures for the week posted. I love the idea, only hope I can stick to it. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll;) We love rummykub too. We played it when I was a kid, and still do! I love game nights. Your pictures are great. Much more artistic than mine. Maybe this project will make me expand my horizons.

  2. Thanks, Molly! I think your pictures are beautiful. I agree…taking a picture daily will be great practice, that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to about this venture! I’m so glad you’re doing it too. I think when the year’s over, I’ll put each week’s photos on a page and make a Snapfish photo book.Rick…welcome! Sioux Falls…well, neighbors as in same general half of the country, anyway! :o) The guitar is a Harmony archtop, not an Antiques Roadshow jackpot find by any means but still, it was fun to see it has value beyond being a great guitar to haul around places. We’ll still take it camping, but it does sound a lot better after a little TLC!

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