The Ugly Mug Post

OK, guys…I very rarely do memes and I usually regret it when I do. But I’m working on lightening up a bit, especially since we’re smack in the middle of the mid-Winter doldrums and I’m determined not to let it get me down this year. So….in the interest of maintaining a sense of humor even though it’s close to the month of February (don’t even get me started about what’s wrong with February…). Without further ado….

Here’s my UGLY MUG with my UGLY MUG!I’m going to get myself in trouble here because this mug was a gift from someone who, years ago, was taking a pottery class. In that person’s defense, I myself made a much uglier mug than this one in pottery class, but I’m afraid it got “lost” somehow over the years. This mug is a close second, though. It sort of looks like something Paul Bunion sneezed out…
My favorite aspect of the mug is the glaze. Its color is…uh….lovely. But the texture is what’s really unique. It looks a little like the mug has a bad case of Smallpox, or maybe really bad acne. There are little clear bubbles all over it, which I believe carry the technical term “Fish-eyes”. Not an appetizing thought first thing in the morning, when all I’m wanting is a hot cup of coffee! Here’s a close up of the texture…And the Fish-eyes. Go ahead, click on the photo and take a good look! While you’re at it, please notice the way the glaze is sort of melting off the cup, as though it might continue to drip off the mug and onto your counter.
And, just to prove to Linda over at 2ed cup of coffee that I am not a book mug-burning ceramics censor, here is a picture of my runner-up for ugly mug. Hubby picked this up many years ago when he worked setting up banquets. It was a Shih Tzu Club convention. I just love the way these dogs are dressed up…something like a Canine Bonny and Clyde. And I love it that we have a Schidt Zoo mug in our collection. How often do you get to say that word first thing in the morning, and not have to beg forgiveness?

EDIT: Ok, here I am again, the week before the contest ends. I am sweating it out…could anyone possibly have an uglier mug than this? What can I do to convince you all that mine is the ugliest mug on the entire World Wide Web? And then…as if she knew my fears of mug failure (and my sad, sad addiction to Starbucks) my kitty comes in and gives me her vote. How, you ask? My friends, the following are photos of what my cat thinks of this most ugly, ugly mug….

Yes, this is my cat trying to bury the ugly mug. It’s so ugly, my cat tried to bury it! What further evidence do you need? The photos didn’t turn out as well as a video would have, but you can get the general idea. Admittedly, it probably has much more to do with the fact that she really (and I mean really) hates the smell of coffee than it has to do with the mug itself. Still, I thought it was pretty funny!


11 thoughts on “The Ugly Mug Post

  1. Girl! You deserve an award for being the first, and for saving my butt by giving me at least one participant. yes, at least one of you is doing the loser meme of 2009. ! I loved this post. Your mug is beauty-challenged, but your face is most definitely not. I shouldn’t say this, but I dag gone it, I am: I hope you win!

  2. Dear Contender: Funny! YES this is definitely ugly. I hope your mug’s creator is not a blogger! Oh my! My dog had something to contribute to the presentation of my mug also, but your cat’s support of your mug is just sad –truly pitiful. Good luck!~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor’s Wife

  3. I can’t believe the first two contestants actually got their pets in on this competition. The 3rd person will probably wave the flag and kiss some babies and promise a chicken in every pot! Rissaroo, this is hilarious. As you know, I’ve been here already, but I’m re-visiting everyone just for a refresher–and heavy laughter. Thanks for playing along and having such a strong contender for the title that even animals have a natural repulsion to it. HA

  4. I seriously thought about promising each entrant to vote for their mug if they would vote for mine but figured my guilt would be as obvious as a stain on a blue dress… so I’m simply here to grovel and beg you to visit my ugly mug post and ask you to consider voting for me. Oh what a shameless use of pets and friends… I would never stoop so low to win this competition… or would I? hahahaIf I told you we used to have a Shih Tzu would that sway your vote… honest! Her name was Miss Muffett! She lived up to breed name all over my carpet and we finally gave her away to someone who had the time to scoot her in and out more often than we could!Marsha

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