Project 365, Week 3

Project 365, week THREE

Sunday, January 11: This is our cat, guarding Hubby’s bass (which is waiting to be taken to church…the bass, that is. Not the cat). There were a few days this week where I thought it might be the cat’s last picture…she crashed again with vomiting and refusing food and water. We picked up some prescription cat food and she made a miraculous recovery! She may be allergic to any number of things…how ironic that we have wheat, dairy, nut and tomato allergies in our family and now we’ve got a cat with food issues too. Sigh.
Monday, January 12: I posted this picture on facebook….”Labradoodle does NOT love slide guitar”. Look at the look on her doggy little face! “Please, please make it stop!” She puts her paw on me and looks at me like that when she wants something. This time, she wanted a little peace and quiet!
Tuesday, January 13: Sarah got this great little pottery wheel from Pops and Granny for Christmas. Granny has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what Sarah would love…the wheel is no exception! She made several cute little pots, one of which she painted as a volcano and filled with tiny clay dinosaurs for Isaiah’s birthday next week. Shhh!
Wednesday, January 14: We had sun! Sarah took this picture of rainbow ribbons of sunlight falling through the window of our front door. I love the way she set it up, and the way she noticed the light and appreciated it.Thursday, January 15: We had friends over for dinner and games, and took this photo of the kids together. We’ve known these friends for years now, since the boys were 6 and 4. They came and saw us at the hospital the day Rachel was born! It’s such a blessing to have good friends. Note Isaiah’s hair…which has gotten way too long again. Boy does that kid’s hair grow fast!
Friday, January 16: Rachel has been loving using the camera. I must admit to being a bit nervous every time she picks it up, but seeing what she’s photographed is always fun. This is one she took in the mirror on the back of the hall closet door.
Saturday, January 17: These little brass angels were in my hubby’s family for years, they were passed down to us by his grandparents. The little lamps they are holding fit a birthday candle perfectly. Right now, they are living on the corners of our grandfather clock, reminding us that our time belongs to God and to guard it accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Project 365, Week 3

  1. My 7yo daughter loves to use my camera too, but mine isn’t as fancy as yours.I love the thought you shared with the last pic. So true.You kitty is so cute. I hope she remains in good health.

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