The Tooth

My baby lost her first tooth!

I’ve been privately dreading this day for over a year now…that little gap in the baby teeth, irrefutable evidence that my baby is growing up. A year ago, a friend’s child who is six months older than Rachel got his first loose tooth. In a surprise moment of emotion we both found ourselves tearing up over it…these last children seem to be growing up too fast, and I want to wring every little bit of childhood out of each day and enjoy it before moving on. God must have known I needed that extra year of baby-teeth grins, because Youngest is a full year older than her siblings were when they lost their first teeth.

She is thrilled.

The tooth got loose on Sunday morning at Church, and she was blessed with the opportunity to go around and show everyone she knew there that she is, indeed, old enough to loose a tooth. Everyone had to wiggle it (and I have spent the week trying NOT to think about the germs involved….*shudder*). Apparently, having a missing tooth is the only way to be a real six-year-old, and she has been reveling in it all week. With her new gap-toothed grin, she’s joined the next level of childhood…and I’ve had to pack another bit of childhood away in my heart. The last first loose tooth!


4 thoughts on “The Tooth

  1. My first child just lost tooth #3 & 4. I love the pic of your daughter holding hers. I'm sure I will feel much like you when my last one begins the process.

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