If memories were sparrows…..playing with poetry

If memories were sparrows
would they alight
like brown and drifting leaves
settled on thin bare branches
align themselves on straight black wire
in tight and tidy rows

Or would they dive and swoop
in silent aggregation
black against the cloud-gray sky
over a vacuous, empty space
winging on until the weaker ones
fail and fall, their sky-space quickly filled
with the flitting wings of others

This poem is part of a poem-play idea that L.L. Barkat of Seedlings in Stone came up with. What a great idea! She gave us the first line…”If memories were sparrows”…..and let us fill in the rest with our own ideas. Quite a few bloggers have taken up her call, and the direction things go after that first line has been fun to see! Does anyone else want to try? Go and see L.L.’s post at Seedlings in Stone and join in the fun. She has several ideas for poem-starters over there, I’d love to see what you come up with! There will be a feature on The High Calling Blogs tomorrow about this poem-play.

drawing of a sparrow: stock image


5 thoughts on “If memories were sparrows…..playing with poetry

  1. rissaroo … what a gift those moments. you have a good eye!i like thinking of memories taking up sky space and of the possibility of either/or which this beautiful poem extends to the reader.

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