Project 365…week 5

Week Five…

Sunday, January 25: Birthday breakfast for Eldest! Gluten free french toast, blueberries, and birthday cards.
Monday, January 26: We had another big snow storm, and I caught Youngest looking out the front window. I love the way the cool winter light bounces off the snow and lights up her little face.

Tuesday, January 27: Although she looks like one of ancient Pompeii’s victims, Sarah is just soaking up the heat by the vent. Waking up was hard to do this week, because for some reason neither man nor beast seems to be able to sleep through the night lately.
Wednesday, January 28: The dog had become particularly pungent. She did not exactly enjoy her bath, but she did smell much better afterward!

Thursday, January 29: Sarah snapped this picture of the cat, snoozing in a bed of stuffed animals.

Friday, January 30: The cat and dog get along remarkably well! I love how they sleep together.

Saturday, January 31: We all slept in, and had a lazy day! The first in a long time. We made a brunch of gluten free pancakes with bananas and berries, and Youngest was my official flipper.


3 thoughts on “Project 365…week 5

  1. Great pictures…and Happy Belated Birthday to Eldest! French Toast and blueberries…match made in heaven.And that second picture of Youngest…beautiful light on her beautiful face. Very calming to look at.Oh, and laying on the vent cracked me up. There’ve been a time or two when I wanted to do that this winter!Have a great week!

  2. How do you make your french toast? I love french toast. And I know I can’t cheat and have real toast and dairy, b/c it makes me feel awful. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat wheat again with out getting sick. I love all your pics. The dog and cat one is just great!

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