Prayers needed…

Please pray for baby Matthew, who is just a few weeks old. He was born with what the doctors deemed serious abnormalities of the brain, and given a few months to live. However, in the last few days neurologists have looked closer at the scans and they think there is a chance that his brain might be normal, but compressed by fluid. My understanding is that if they find that he has a cortex, they may be able to perform surgery that will allow his brain to be healthy and functional, and possibly even give Matthew a chance at a completely normal life! Initial tests looked like it may not be possible, but they are waiting right now for a second opinion.

Please pray for little Matthew and for his guardians, who have prepared themselves and accepted the worst but now have a little hope. Pray that neurologists will find that this is a problem that can be fixed and that a miracle (and it would be a true miracle!) would be done in this little baby. And, even if healing is not God’s will, please pray that his family will be given strength for this journey and that God’s love and grace will be glorified through Matthew’s life.

If you would like to read about baby Matthew and see pictures of this beautiful child, please visit his blog at Gift of God.


One thought on “Prayers needed…

  1. I will definitely pray for little Matthew! We have a little one born with brain issues too….her blog is athttp://planetemmaclarissa.blogspot.comThe Lord has done miracles in Emma’s life, and I know He can do the same for baby Matthew!

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