Project 365, Week 6 (February 1-7)

Project 365, week six (February 1-7)

Sunday, February 1: Rachel gets over her fear of vacuums.

Monday, February 2: It was a draggy sort of week, this is Sarah with some kind of odd viral rash on her cheeks. Fun.

Tuesday, February 3: A kid’s eye view of our table. I love this table! My father in law made it and my husband and his brothers grew up eating around it. So much love, and family, and friends, so many prayers, so many good meals, so much talking and sharing and laughter has gathered around this table!

Wednesday, February 4: I took Rachel grocery shopping with me and she picked a treat out for her brother and sister. This is a Nerds Rope, made into a smart and trendy ring. Sarah’s creativity knows no limits!

Thursday, February 5: Isaiah lost a molar in the morning, and it left a giant gaping hole. I hated (and I mean HATED) losing teeth, and I get the willies every time one of the kids loses one. Especially the big ones. Ick!

Friday, February 6: Mii Unfit. The Wii fit is a lot of fun, although it’s a little creepy in it’s AI chattiness. Its friendly banter bothers me, but it does give you a reasonable workout if you put effort into it. It’s not as good as the gym and it doesn’t make up for my sitting around instead of going for a run, however. This is Rachel, doing the ski jump game. The kids are not in real need of a workout, as active as they are…but it sure beats sitting and watching TV.

Saturday, February 7: I liked this picture of our family poker game. Rachel had a lot of fun playing with the chips! Isaiah and Hubby enjoy playing with other father-son combinations.


2 thoughts on “Project 365, Week 6 (February 1-7)

  1. Cooper is terrified of the vacuum. Any time I tell anyone that they say, “it’s b/c he never hears it”. This is true, b/c we have hard wood or tile in every room but 1, but he is also scared of the food processor, blow dryer, and anything else that makes a loud noise. I love the poker picture; it’s terrific! Also your table is incredible. I knew you FIL made it, but I didn’t realize it was your hubby’s childhood table. That is really cool. I love the Wii fit. My bil and sil have it and we played it at Christmas. I must say it brought out my competitive side, as I was the high scorer of the ski jump.

  2. Great pics. I love the poker one , fun perspective. My kids are losing teeth too. Kind of grosses me out… I let Daddy deal with it.Love the nerds rope ring. LOL.

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