Project 365, Week 7

Project 365, week SEVEN (February 8th-14th)

Sunday, February 8th: Hubby’s work shirts, steamed and ironed for the week.

Monday, February 9th: Youngest has finished her reading lessons, and is now reading “real” books! This is the first one she read, all the way through and all by herself! We’re so proud. She loves reading, and has been reading every chance she gets all week. Go, Dog. Go!

Tuesday, February 10th: And speaking of dogs, here’s Maddy. She has pulled her food dish over to the table, turned it over to prove that it’s empty, and is waiting for someone to feed her! We were setting the table for dinner, and I guess she didn’t want to be left out.

Wednesday, February 11th: Another book Youngest read this week: Green Eggs and Ham. She loved it, and read it several times to anyone who would listen. Eldest helped her make some real green eggs and ham, and the kids had a nice mid-morning snack of green eggs, ham, home-canned peaches and gluten free bread. Middle Child did not like the eggs, and I can’t really blame her. The looked a good deal like green playdough!

Thursday, February 12th: Youngest’s best friend turned 7! They came over for cupcakes and our family rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. It’s our tradition to sing as loudly and as out of key as possible…and it’s really something pretty unforgettable (and painful!). The look on her little face says it all! We did give her the option of a normal version, in our defense. We’d never inflict the song on an unsuspecting child!

Friday, February 13th: Hubby brought me a beautiful rose! The cat appreciated it. Hubby took this shot…I absolutely love it, there is something about the composition and colors that just really works for me. The cat has spent the last 3 days eating the flowers off the baby’s breath, so it’s a good thing we got this picture before she developed a taste for flowers!

Saturday, February 14th: Valentine’s Day breakfast of home made gluten free waffles with cherries and whipped cream. Yum!


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