Update on Baby Matt

Awhile ago I asked for prayer for a special little newborn baby, Matthew Patrick. I wish I had better news, but I wanted to let you know that the CAT scans showed that Matthew’s condition is, in fact, irreversible and inoperable and that the original prognosis still stands.

My heart goes out to his adoptive parents and brother and sister. I wish, from the very soul, that God’s answer had been a resounding “Yes”! Yes, I will heal this child. Yes, he will go on to live a normal, healthy life. Yes, I will show my power and love for you by performing a miracle of healing. But sometimes, that’s not His plan.

There’s nothing in the world that screams unfairness than the suffering of children. Nothing that has the power to shake one’s faith more than the loss of a child…how can a loving God allow these things to happen? It breaks the heart, rocks belief, tears at the soul.

And yet, all things work to good, all things, for those who love the Lord! There is, somewhere, a purpose in this that God will use. In this fallen world, He is the only comfort and the only refuge from the storm. Sometimes all you can do is lean on the fact that one day it will all make sense. One day, the tempest of life will seem so short as we joyfully reunite in heaven, looking toward eternity. This suffering will not go to waste, and these tears will one day be wiped away in Heaven by the hand of the One who knows best how to heal broken hearts, how to still suffering, how to bestow Joy.

Please keep praying for this precious family, who are walking in faith and not in their own understanding. They have taken this little baby in, knowing that all they can give him is a few short months of knowing love and comfort in his family’s arms. Pray for his healing, as nothing at all is out of God’s reach. Pray for his comfort, and for rest for his family as they care for a critically ill baby and two young children. And pray especially for their strength, for peace through this journey and for them to feel the infallible love of God surround them as they make their way through this. They are amazing examples of the love of Christ, alive and life-giving even in the darkest of situations!

Please do stop by baby Matt’s blog, there are many updates there and pictures of this beautiful baby and his family.


3 thoughts on “Update on Baby Matt

  1. Oh, this is heartbreaking. I’m going to visit their blog. Just today, I learned of the passing of a 21 year-old in our community due to drug overdose. My heart hurts for moms of baby Matthew and this young man’s mom.

  2. Man, I am really fighting the enemy today. I have tried to comment on this 3 times today, and it keeps messing up. I wanted to tell you, you are amazing. You are doing exactly what this family hoped would happen. You are giving the glory to God through the tragedy of Matt’s life. That is his purpose. We all have a purpose, no matter how short our time is. I am doing a study about prayer, and today we were discussing faith and believing, and God answering prayers. God does answer our prayers. It isn’t always the way he had hoped, but there is always an answer. Matt will be healed. Whether hear on earth or in heaven, he will be healed.

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