Project 365, Week 8

Project 365, Week 8 February 15-21

Sunday, February 15: A game of connect four with a good friend.

Monday, February 16: Some tiny dinosaurs and a volcano that Sarah made for Isaiah. She made the volcano using her pottery wheel!

Tuesday, February 17: Rachel during a family game of cards.

Wednesday, February 18: Rachel bouncing on her bouncy-ball. I love her hair in the picture!

Thursday, February 19: Finful, Sarah’s beloved dolphin. Finful was given a new pair of beads for eyes due to the fact that one of his eyes somehow ended up inside the stuffing. Sarah performed the surgery herself.

Friday, February 20: A picture Isaiah snapped of one of his Bionicles. There were about 10,000 similar pictures on my camera, which when played one after another made a pretty neat stop-action animation. And also used up a good deal of memory card!

Saturday, February 21: Rachel fell fast asleep on the dog and had to be carried upstairs to her bed.


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