RAP: Toward Jerusalem (a poem for lent)

toward Jerusalem

mothers with toddlers
clinging to the hip
holding sticky hands
smoothing rumpled hair
soothing and coaxing
shepherding toward Jerusalem

old men with wooden canes
stooped with the weight
of years and wisdom
bringing with them
memories that span generations
remembering toward Jerusalem

fathers with work-worn hands
and care worn hearts
the weight of responsibility
written in canyons
on their creased brow
leading toward Jerusalem

young men, young women
eager and vibrant
their enthusiasm one step
ahead of apprehension
singing songs of worship
advancing toward Jerusalem

sinners and saints
hearts broken, eyes open
tattered frays of earthly tents
dragging behind scuffed
and worn souls
stumbling toward Jerusalem

I almost let this Friday’s poetry go, due to being over-busy and under-inspired. Happily, others had written great poetry today and the idea of writing about lent worked around in my mind for awhile, and this is what I came up with. I have a sort of vision in my mind related to the season of Lent, where we are all somehow making an internal pilgrimage to Jerusalem and to the garden, the cross, and the empty tomb.

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6 thoughts on “RAP: Toward Jerusalem (a poem for lent)

  1. I love this Erica, I can picture the scene. It is so very interesting to read about lent and how it makes you feel. NOt growing up with a catholic background I have never celebrated lent and could not even tell you when it begins without looking it up. But I know in March I began to think more about the coming of our Lord and his wonderful gift.

  2. I like that idea of an inner pilgrimage and the way you captured it on the faces and in the places of the ordinary person.One of my favorite lines, just because I like the way it sounds…hearts broken, eyes openI’m glad you ended up writing! 🙂

  3. Makes me think of the many pilgrimages Jesus would have made to Jerusalem for Passover. From the earliest trip with Mary and Joseph and His wisdom even then. Those who would have traveled the road with Him and His earthly family. All leading toward His final steps of suffering and redemption. Thanks for sharing.

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