Project 365, Week 9

Project 365, week 9 (February 22-28)

Sunday, February 22: Rachel and Hubby doing a little balancing act.

Monday, February 23: Sister-in-law, hubby and I got together for a “jam session”.

Tuesday, February 24: A boy and his dog.

Wednesday, February 25: The girls at the Zoo on Homeschool Zoo Day.

Thursday, February 26: Hubby had Friday off, so we stayed up late and watched movies after the kids went to bed. I caught the cat in the act of a surprise attack, she was jumping off the second-to-top shelf onto the sleeping dog.
Major pet fight in 3…2…1…

Friday, February 27: Isaiah’s friend had a birthday, and he went for an overnight party. Before he left, Sarah and Rachel made little gifts for the friend…this one is Rachel’s. She sewed it herself!

Saturday, February 28: I made beets for dinner. Look how pretty my fingers were after I was done!


One thought on “Project 365, Week 9

  1. These pictures give a sweet glimpse through the window of your life. Thanks for letting me take a peep!:)laurap.s. I just ordered a cd by steele crosswhite! I can’t wait. love this music, and discovered it right here!

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