Gratitude Journal….200 mark!

Deuteronomy 10:21
He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.

Today I reached the 200 mark in the gratitude journal! Keeping a gratitude journal has been life-changing for me. What a blessing to be reminded to look for those things for which I am grateful, to begin to see the everyday as extraordinary, the tiny details of beautiful life as blessings from a God who loves us. We were created to revel in the work of His hands….if we just wake up to that beauty! If you haven’t yet, please join the Gratitude Community over at Ann Voskamp’s. Post your journal in your blog, or keep a personal book at home. What a difference it makes to count your blessings!

191. Thank you, Lord, for the beginnings of Spring and the birds that are returning with the warmer weather.

192. Thank you for providing our daily bread, gluten free!

193. Thank you that there is amazing beauty in everyday things.

194. Thank you for park days…
195. And Frisbees
196. And dogs to catch them.

197. Thank you that you took the time to hide beauty in the most unexpected places!

198. And for the variety and abundance you created

199. Thank you for youthful exuberance

200. And for good friends

(Yea! the 200 mark….)

201. Thank you for growing boys

202. And sisters who stick together

203. And sweet smiles and freckles

204. And Zoo days with homeschool friends

205. And thank you for making such a wonderful variety of birds in all shapes, sizes and colors!


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal….200 mark!

  1. Such beautiful pictures! I have to ask…is that a dog, or a lion? I think that’s the biggest canine head I have ever seen. But a beautiful one!Love your gratitude list. Makes me count my blessings.:)

  2. Loved the whole post!!! Congratulations on your 200+ gratitudes! It is amazing what God reveals when our heart is open.

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