Project 365, Week 10

March 1 through March 7….

Sunday, March 1: Gluten free pizzas for dinner, constructed with a little helper.

Monday, March 2: The fridge was long overdue for a cleaning….

Tuesday, March 3: There is a very nasty virus going around, and I made a huge amount of chicken soup. It seems like everyone we know has been sick! Here are the vegetables for a triple recipe!

Wednesday, March 4: We’re going through everything in the basement. Boxes came up, were gone through, things were prioritized, organized, thrown out…new boxes were repacked and recorded, and went back down to storage. We’re nowhere near halfway done! Sigh.

Thursday, March 5: Sarah has been making Birthday Mice for all the birthdays that have been happening. Too cute!

Friday, March 6: We had some friends over for a sleep-over. The girls made a tent in their room and slept in it. We made crepes with lemon juice and powdered sugar for a treat!

Saturday, March 7: Bouncing on the trampoline….will the good weather hold? We’re supposed to get snow this week.


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