Project 356, week 11…

Somewhere along the way I’ve gotten my photo organization a little off, and I’m not sure I’m doing a good job with this project right now. I always mean to put the post together Saturday and schedule it for Sunday, so that I’m not blogging on Sundays. However, the past few weeks I’ve missed that goal and ended up doing it Monday…which means that I ought to be doing the week’s menu, the 365 post, and also the book club posts are going out on Monday over at High Calling Blogs. Plus, I have a Bible Study and homeschool co-op on Mondays. This is not working for me! So this week, here’s the 365 post (with more boring than usual photos…sorry!). I’ll do the menu tomorrow. Next week, I’ll try and get those photos up earlier…but I may have to concede to fact that there is too much on my blogging plate and re-arrange things a little in the future! Anyway, last week’s photos:

Week 11, March 8-14:

Sunday, March 8: Rachel, wrapped up in a blanket as we play Rummykub by the fire.

Monday, March 9: This is a card Isaiah made for a friend’s birthday. I thought it was clever, if a little scary. The second picture is the back of the card, which worked out great when he burned the hole in the middle (yes, there was an adult present…don’t try this at home kids!)

Tuesday, March 10: Sarah, deep in concentration

Wednesday, March 11: This one made me do a double-take.

Thursday, March 12: Rachel made this card…entirely on her own…for an uncle’s birthday. I love how she did the cut-out lace and taped it all around the heart.

Friday, March 13: The cat, finding a comfy place to sleep

Saturday, March 14: Our friends came over after a conference at church, and we celebrated a birthday (late) with cupcakes and a painful round of our infamous “happy birthday” song. Our family has a tradition of singing it as loudly and off key as possible, which leaves the ears ringing for hours after!


3 thoughts on “Project 356, week 11…

  1. I’m with you on the whole posting-these-Saturday thing. It’s been hard for me too. But I think it will be worth it in the long run.Rachel’s hair is gorgeous…especially along with that beautiful red…so pretty. :-)And I love the homemade card. My kids do those, too.I took a double-take too. lol If I show my oldest son that picture, it would be a matter of 3.5 seconds before he would be trying it too!

  2. Wednesday’s photo is anything but boring. I always enjoy the photos. You do have a lot going on – may God give you grace for the challenge of coordinating it all. I am in the midst of two classes that require lots of reading so am unable to read the book hosted at High Calling, but I will be peeking in at the comments.

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