RAP: Dawn

In the indigo light
of emergent dawn
shadows take shape
details develop
like a Polaroid picture
above mountain’s rocky ridge
a burning sliver of sun
breaks softly, silently
pours liquid light
over waiting peaks
and on bare branches
etched against a glowing sky
one small bird awakens
fluffs feathers, stretches wings
sings its brave song
into the break of dawn
This was a spur of the moment poem inspired by the sound of Spring birds returning. I got a little carried away with alliteration…I guess that’s what happens when you’re teaching a poetry unit with your kids and you try to write some yourself! I’ll try to avoid writing one the day we study onomatopoeia (tweet tweet!).

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Photo: stock photo from the Big Box of Art

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9 thoughts on “RAP: Dawn

  1. I could hear the tweet tweet as I read your words!Such a precious time of year. Joy is contagious when all this new life bursts forth.I have to get a dictionary to look up onomatopoeia now.:)Laura

  2. very good for a spur of the moment! i liked this:fluffs feathers, stretches wingssings its brave songinto the break of dawnso visual – i can see the bird and hear the song – i came by from L.L.’s “Poetry Friday” link

  3. Hey, Erica,JUst wanted you to know that I will be out of town this week. I decided to go ahead and post my book club post this morning. Please link to it with the others if you like!smiles,laura

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