Project 356, Week 12……

Project 365, week 12: March 15-21

Sunday, March 15: Isaiah with his rat, Raphael. The other rat, Ruffles, belongs to Sarah…and we’ll probably be getting another this week. I’m not sure how I feel about the kids running a rattery, but I have to admit they are learning a lot and as long as the rats stay where they belong–well, it’s been good so far!

Monday, March 16: One of Costco’s all beef Kosher hot dogs, expertly decorated by Isaiah. He felt it deserved a photo, and so here it is.

Tuesday, March 17: Working on a St. Patrick’s day card.

Wednesday, March 18: We had corn beef chowder and Irish Soda Bread for dinner…I had fun decorating the soda bread, and felt it deserved a picture…so here it is!

Thursday, March 19: The girl with no pearl earring. Hubby took this and thought it looked like Vermeer’s famous painting. I think he flatters me and the similarity is all in the weird headgear, but it’s a sweet thought.

Friday, March 20: We went out as a family! It’s been ages since we’ve gotten to do that. We went to a movie at the dollar theaters (Bolt….worth seeing, we all enjoyed it). Then we went out for fast food at a local Greek burger joint. Mmmmm, charbroiled Apollo burgers with pastrami and cheese, wrapped in lettuce! And this lovely chicken strip belonging to Sarah, who thought it was shaped like a beaver and therefore deserved a picture. So here it is!

Saturday, March 21: Saturday, beautiful Saturday! The weather was so wonderful. We had friends over for dinner, and this is Isaiah waiting for his friend to arrive. He’s got his new cap gun that he bought for a dollar, and Hubby’s lawn-mowing hat on. Bare feet, of course. I love this picture…and he still doesn’t know I took it. Shhhh!


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