Poetry Friday (R.A.P.): Spring Snow

Delicate crystal lace
blooms bright
against gentle curves
tender green beginnings
of new leaves
cradle Winter’s remains
in the fickle embrace
of Spring

The last few weeks have been busy…there have been so many things I’ve wanted to blog about and so little time to do it! Perhaps I will be able to catch up with my thoughts soon. For now, thanks for limping through with me and my little ups and downs!


8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday (R.A.P.): Spring Snow

  1. lovely poem and photo – did you take it yourself? how delecate the snow remains upon the stem – i like these words best:”cradle Winter’s remainsin the fickle embraceof Spring”

  2. Great poem. I love the imagery of “Delicate crystal laceblooms bright”. You’ve really captured that in-between-ness of spring snowfall.

  3. Just found your poem, as I am posting a poem a day throughout April which is National Poetry Month! Another homeschooling mom! How cool is that? And one who also loves Jesus? I am so excited to post your poem!

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