Nick Vujicic

So where’s the miracle? Nick says, “If God doesn’t give you a miracle, you are a miracle of God. And when you and I stand before God face-to-face, He’s gonna ask you two questions: ‘Do you know me?’ and ‘Who’d you bring?'”

I’ve come to some realizations that I’ll share later, but for the time being, here’s a video clip.
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2 thoughts on “Nick Vujicic

  1. He is an amazing person who truly inspires all of us to accept who we are and be grateful for what we have. How blessed that you had a chance to witness him firsthand. I saw him on t.v. After a while I forgot he was ‘limbless’ because his heart shone so brightly!

  2. Nick is a wonderful inspiration! I know of him through the TAR Syndrome Support group (my daughter Emma has TAR Syndrome) and have watched many videos of his talks on the Internet.What a tremendous experience that must have been to see him in person!

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