Random Acts of Poetry: Word Pool

Poetry Friday!

This week, LL Barkat (Seedlings in Stone) has a challenge to make a word pool and use this pool to create a poem. You should really go check her post out, she has a wonderful poem there titled “Bottled” that is sure to bring you a smile.

I love words! Today is a hot, lazy day…and I am thinking about cool water. Water you slide into, water that engulfs you and shocks your skin with a thousand volts of cool. Ahhhhh.

Here is my word pool:

azure crystal clear pool blue rippling splashing washing cleansing pure sliding
cataract cascade aquatic divine smooth free floating caress flowing
moving babbling burbling rich ribbon eddy current flow careening
splashing falling drenching laughing cobalt mirror sparks foam rippling mist

And here is my poem:

River Words

the river
floating, flowing
on cool blue ribbons
azure and cobalt
rippling and rich
cascades slide
over skin-smooth stone
laughing, drenching
cleansing cataract
swallows me in
and carries me away


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