The rain drums down, music falling lightly on bright green leaves. We’ve rescued warm sweaters from their summer exile, snuggled under quilts and read page after page as the sky shifts in shades of gray.

Friends have joined us, played outside in the wet and dark as peals of laughter harmonized with peals of thunder. Capture the flag, monkey-in-the-middle with the dog as monkey, bike tires splash though puddles and mud cakes and slicks everywhere. The dog shakes droplets all over, squeals and screams and more laughter. Rain ran in rivers down happy faces–eyes alight, gap-toothed smiles.

Shivering clumps of little girls gathered in front of the warm fire, played games and let fire-warmth dry slick rainbath from legs and arms and twisted strands of hair. Castles were constructed and fell under siege, the piano rang out with joyful notes and mis-notes. Joyful noises were made, and shushed, and made again.

And over it all, the steady thrum of summer rain closed us in and made cozy the little daily things that slip by otherwise unnoticed. A long, rainy, happy day.

I love the sun, but these rainy days are precious in the desert. Thank you, God, for this cool rain!


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  1. We are having "June gloom" right now…I love it! Misty mornings with light drizzle, clouds all day…the plants need it badly! Praise God who give rain to the just and the unjust alike! 🙂

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