Ten Years Old!

Middle Child turned ten yesterday! It’s hard to believe a decade has passed. She is such a joy…so sweet, creative, and kind. We celebrated with a sleep over, followed by a family party. We’re a little tired after all the festivities, but it was a fitting way to ring in the double digits!

The celebration started with gluten free pancakes on the “You are Special” plate. I had lots of help making them! We had whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top.

The sleepover was lots of fun. I was suddenly reminded of what it’s like to be a ten-year-old girl at a sleepover! We went out to dinner at a favorite restaurant, came home and listened to the girls giggle and giggle and giggle all night long. Easy gluten and dairy free lemonade cupcakes were for dessert, followed by more giggling and opening presents. Little to no sleep was had, but it was a lot of fun. The next day, Hubby took the girls out for donuts for breakfast. They went swimming and returned home, where I gave them all pedicures with Middle Child’s new nail polish. After a hard day of play, there’s nothing more relaxing than sparkly nail polish and cucumbers on your eyes!

After the girls went home, family came over for dinner and cake. The adults enjoyed talking and catching up, but the problem with sleepovers is that by dinner the next day…well, we had a bit of a hard time waking the girls up to have cake! Youngest was almost sat on more than once.

Strawberry cake! Middle Child received some grown-up gifts this year, two beautiful necklaces, a purse, and a gift card for shopping. She also received some toys and a beautiful handmade outfit for her American Girl doll, Nellie. My friend Dawn is an amazing seamstress! It is fun to see the confluence of little-girl and little lady that this age brings. It’s going to be a fun age.
Happy Birthday, sweet child! You bless us in so many ways. May God watch over you this year and always, and may the year bring you much joy. How blessed I am to be your mother!


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