Some Beautiful Things (gratitude journal)

Psalm 67:5 May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you

219: Beautiful sunsets shared with precious family

220: Uncles who share their love of fireworks

221: The mud at river’s edge between your toes

222: Silver-gold wheatgrass against deep blue skies

223: Rolling hills of green and gold, touched with summer sun

224: Sweet red peppers from the garden


One thought on “Some Beautiful Things (gratitude journal)

  1. Oh, please stop! 😉 I can smell the Palouse as green turns to gold and combines rustle across her hills. I can see sun-darkened farmers wiping brows and swigging lemonade. I can feel heat on my arm as it rests in truck window frame while I slow for a tractor en route. I can hear the tired in the almost-men voices that greet me when I trade spaghetti and apple pie for piles of sweat-laden laundry. And I can taste the dirt, wheat, and hay dust as they mingle for dances in my nose.Thanks for taking me somewhere I miss…

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