Reflections in the mirror, dimly

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. 1 Corinthians 13:12

Mountains, dusky purple swept with blue. Stones in all shades from black to sparkling white, hidden but for their humped backs peeking through emerald blades of grass. Trees of every kind, their leaves shimmering and quaking as the breeze breathes over.

Pines, their great blue-green fingers pointing up towards the heavens. Water, cold and fresh…water running over stones, weaving through the meadows, tumbling over logs.

Water sparkling in the lake, it’s playful wave-ridges catching evening light and winking it happily upward.

The wild flowers, decked in every color and style, scattered and nodding in the warm summer sun.

And stretching over it, the deep and vast and endless vault of stunning blue sky!

The beauty of creation takes my breath away.

And yet surrounded by this beauty I pause to think further, to climb a little higher in the revelry of this breathtaking view. He who created it…to look from creation to Creator! Oh, the beauty there!

To know that we live in a fallen world. To know that He has a place waiting for us, a place where this beauty is completed and perfected into the world that He meant it to be. A perfect creation, limitless in its beauty and flawless in its completion. A world we can only imagine, but one we can taste a hint of in the moments when the beauty of this world takes our breath away!

It’s in these moments I realize, all this beauty is a reflection. All this wonder is but a poor reflection, we see as in a mirror dimly. In heaven, Oh! We will see face to face. We will see what is real, more real than anything we can touch in this world. More beautiful than we can imagine, and yet familiar, too.

Oh! If the dim mirror is so beautiful, if it shines so brightly….what will the true vision be! Sometimes the longing and excitement are almost more than I can bear. I hope to see it together with you one day, my friend! What a day that will be.


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