passing envelopes

He tucked the money in, licked the seal, and placed it on the table. We looked at the envelope glumly, sighed a little. “I wish it were more,” he said. “We’re not in a good place right now to be doing this, but I want to help all we can.” I ran my hand over his back, thanked God for his heart, tried to dismiss the feeling of need rising within me with a prayer.

“God always provides,” he said, as though he’d read my thoughts. “We’ve never regretted giving.” And that was so true that the peace couldn’t help but settle in.

The envelope went with us to church, to be given with peace and thanksgiving. That same morning….a tap on the shoulder. A different envelope pressed into my hand. Four times what we gave was folded there….a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. A gift of love.

Laughter and tears, honor and humility. That’s how God works. We are safer with nothing but the grace of God and the blessing of our brothers and sisters in Christ than we are with a storehouse of riches of our own…the riches can be taken in the blink of an eye, but nothing can take away the eternal blessing of the Church…the body of believers, the Bride of Christ, His hands and feet here in the world while it lasts and in heaven forevermore.



7 thoughts on “passing envelopes

  1. That's awesome. I remember a time we felt like we needed to give some money to a family at church, even though we were getting ready to go on a missions trip, and needed the cash. As people moved around to give offering, we gave the money to the family. Before I had even sat down, someone else handed us a check for the same amount we had just given. Then we found out later that the family we had given to had just put in their tithe and were that amount short for their car payment. God is good!

  2. That … is awesome. Times like that, and what Brenda shared, remind me that God can be just a little nutty when we let Him. And I so love that He is. Can you see that sideways grin He's putting on right now?

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