More Making Christmas…Felt Food and Craft Links

Another favorite last year was the felt food project. There is a world of wonderful crafts and sewing projects to be found at These felt cookies and cinnamon buns were make from a pattern we found there. They also have a great pattern for a three layered cake and brownies complete with frosting, decorations, and pans. Other felt projects include some fun felt doll houses, a Noah’s Ark and animals, and various other play food items. If you’d rather crochet, they also have a variety of patterns for crocheted animals and other toys.

The felt food was simple to make and the supplies were very inexpensive. They don’t require much sewing skill, but they do require some patience (and I don’t recommend finishing this project at 2:00 a.m. Christmas morning!) The cookies are simple shapes with the frosting sewn on top. The beads took awhile to sew on, so plan ahead for that. The sweet rolls are tubes made with tan and brown felt, stuffed and rolled into buns. Their frosting is a drizzle of white fabric paint, and the pans are made with gray felt lined with stiff interfacing. The set also comes with a darling hot-pad, spatula, and container of sprinkles (not shown here). I thought about this too late, but if you wanted you could even add some cinnamon or vanilla scent to the stuffing in these faux treats and make them even more fun to play with!

Here are some links for you for felt toys:

Sweet Rolls and Cookies
Doll House with Furniture
Brownies and Cake Set
Noah’s Ark Animal Set
Noah’s Ark (the boat)

Kids love to make gifts! You will be amazed at how making a gift and carefully keeping it a secret until Christmas morning will give a child a true appreciation of the joy of giving. Here are a few ideas…

A fun book of soft toys to sew, knit or crochet. These projects are wacky and fun, and the sewing projects can be made by hand with felt (easy for kids to work with). This book can be found new or used on Amazon, just follow this link!

Softies Only a Mother Could Love (image from Amazon)

What about a baking project? These cute little pies are made in a tiny canning jar, and make darling gifts for teachers, friends, and family. Have a baking day and let your kids create several types of tiny pie, then pop a lid on them and put them in the freezer. Before you give them away, put baking instructions on a pretty tag and a nice scrap of festive cloth over the ring-top….the lucky recipients can put the tiny tarts in the freezer to eat later, or bake them up right away for Christmas dinner! Find the recipe and some photos at the Not Martha blog, here is the link to the pie post. Don’t the little pies look tasty?

Mini pies-in-a-jar….MMMM! (Images from the Not Martha blog)


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