Heat….Poetry Friday

The desert of Snow Canyon, near St. George Utah (taken in October 2009)


This is your
forty years
in the
this dusty path
is the
of your wandering
this sand
between your toes
is the sand
that wears down
callouses of slavery
this dry sun
is the
that burns off
fear and indecision
this strange bread
is the
that feeds your soul
that builds your strength
that sets your resolve
as you
into the
promised land

One of the most beautiful trees I’ve seen…also in Snow Canyon

It’s been awhile since I joined in the group at High Calling Blogs for poetry on Friday….Today they’re talking about snow, and here I am thinking about desert’s heat! Also check out LL Barkat’s blog for weekly poetry prompts…she has a beautiful photo of frosty trees there that makes me appreciate the snow and cold all over again!

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